So, what does Alpha Drive offer?

Hassle avoidance

The time it takes to get to an airport, or anywhere else, varies according to the day of the week, the time of day, weather and even whether or not it is school term time. At Alpha Drive, we know about these factors and can make an informed recommendation regarding the pickup time to for your traveller. Cars are equipped with traffic information systems and our drivers have extensive knowledge of alternative routes when required. Naturally the service provided is door-to-door. Depart from the office and return to home, or fly out from one airport and arrive back at another - none of this is a problem for our thoroughly flexible service. Being picked up at the airport is easy. We monitor the progress of flights to take into account any delays, as well as being prepared in the event of an early arrival. The driver will wait in the Arrivals Hall with a prominent sign to ensure easy identification. There is none of the inconvenience or delay that comes with using airport long-term car parks.

Effective use of time

Clients make good use of their travel time in a variety of ways. One of the most common is catching up on emails. Otherwise, they may be putting the finishing touches to a presentation, making a few calls, reading, or holding a business discussion with a fellow traveller. It is not unusual for clients to schedule conference calls to take place during their journey. Sometimes, after a long flight, or heavy meeting, the best use of the travel time is catch up on some sleep. None of these can be done whilst driving themselves, and most cannot be accomplished effectively on public transport.

Being ready for action

When our clients are travelling to a business meeting, they arrive fresh and fully prepared. They may have taken advantage of some of the opportunities outlined above to ensure they all set for what follows. Certainly, they will not be fatigued as a result of fighting traffic, finding a parking space or any of the myriad of stresses to which the trip may otherwise have given rise. Also, it creates the right impression. Arriving in a quality car with a smart driver demonstrates planning and that due prominence has been given to the upcoming meeting. The return trip, of course, can be spent productively; writing up notes, planning the follow-up actions, writing up notes, preparing emails, debriefing colleagues, etc.

Looking after your business partners

When you have valued customers or other business associates visiting, they will surely appreciate our services. They will not have to worry about finding their way to your office, car hire, perhaps driving on unfamiliar roads, or having to unravel the complexities of our public transport network. It also sends a strong message that you value your relationship.


A high level of service coupled with a quality car and smart, helpful driver may sound like it will be an expensive option. However, on closer inspection, it can be of exceptional value - usually similarly priced to most taxi or private hire companies. Furthermore, we are proactive in helping you to reduce costs. Whilst there are benefits compared with public transport, Alpha Drive is usually less expensive than the train plus local taxi to the station where more than one person is travelling. Also, bear in mind that public transport may not always be available at the times that many journeys take place.

Then there is the question of wear and tear on the busy traveller - how do you put a price on that?

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