We seem to be up to our hubcaps in roadworks at present. Some of them can be seriously disruptive, specially as the many of them do not appear on sat-nav's equipped to provide traffic information.

The development of the A14 has begun, but has yet to impinge on traffic flows. Generally, with major projects such as this, they are quite successful in minimising the impact on the travelling public. However, the same cannot be said of many of the lesser works which are currently under way, or imminent.

It is not even that we are properly forewarned of these works. Typically, a sign will appear alongside a busy road, saying, "This road will be closed here on 15th March 2017 for 14 days 21.00 to 06.00." To this is appended some contact information, including a ten digit telephone number. Or, worse, it will have information relating to West or Eastbound flows, between specified junctions - and we are expected to read, process and assimilate this information whilst driving past at 50 mph or more. It really cannot be done. Even the attempt to do so could be dangerously distracting.

Recently, the road between the A14 and Hilton village was closed for four days. The official diversion, to get from the A14 at Galley Hill to Papworth was just under eight miles. Fortunately, there was a better route for those familiar enough with the area.

For those of us hat wander abroad in the wee hours, the current nightmare is the overnight closure of the road into St Ives, and beyond, from the A14. Here, the official diversion will take you 10 miles out of your way - always assuming you are aware of the need to divert before you get to the point where the road is closed. Of course, the problem is made worse when the works overrun and the road is not reopened on time.

I see that there are more roadworks are ongoing, or planned for A1, A14, A428 and in Cambridge; Trumpington Road, Victoria Road, Scotland Road and more. Further afield, M1 in Beds and Herts, M4 in the Heathrow area, M11 Cambs and Essex, M25 Herts and Bucks.

It is a wonder that we get anywhere at all!

These works, especially when they are new and, perhaps unexpected, may impinge on journey times. Please be patient if you find you are being diverted - believe me, your driver will be equally frustrated.